Building 2014 down but will get better!

Published on: 20-februari-2014

The production of housing in The Netherlands has fallen by 35% since 2008 and will shrink again by 7 % in 2014 . The number of new homes dropped to 45,000 in total. 2014 will be a transition year for construction. Employment is still falling sharply. This year, 2014, with a decrease of 10,000 man-years . But .... within medium term, the picture is favorable for the constructionmarket with double-digit growth in the production of housing and a moderate, solid growth in other parts of the building production industry. The recovery is caused by market forces, under the assumption that no adverse administrative actions are taken in the years to come.
This concludes the Economic Institute for Buidling in her report " Forecast 2014, construction output and employment."

The monitor housing market shows in the fourth quarter of 2013 a continued recovery in the mortgage market and the market for existing homes. The number of new mortgages and home sales for the third quarter showed an upward trend. Also, the selling price for three months turns out to be fairly stable . The fourth quarter of 2013 was the best quarter in the past five to six years. The recovery in the first quarter of 2014 seems continuing.

Increasing sales and stabilizing prices contribute to increasing consumer confidence , as confirmed by the Private House Market indicator. Equally important is the sharp increase of confidence in our economy in the months of December 2013 and January 2014.

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