Best practices Change management

  • Determining objectives and scope
  • Determine required deliverables
  • Capture timetables
  • Determine risks and avoidance
  • Draft of communication plans
  • Track and report
  • Tune and adjust

Especially in the area of information management of international real estate ProVicis has very specialized knowledge and expertise available. With years of experience in various businesses from the real estate value chain in General, and investors like Rabo Pensioen-fonds, CORIO, VSN, PingProperties en Redevco in particular, ProVicis can deliver much added value to its customers.


ProVicis provides services in the area of change- project-, interim- and/or crisis management. ProVicis states that project and crisis management, in fact, are more detailed applications of change management. However for all these types of change management, our (associated) consultants can be deployed.

Commercial enterprises (developers, investors, wholesalers) or foundations (such as pension funds) are supported on a regular basis. But also governmental departments and government-related settings, such as housing associations, schools, broadcasting associations or municipalities are supported in their processes.
ProVicis and its associated consultants have a large quantity of experience in various areas. That experience makes the deployment of ProVicis valuable. The State of knowledge is not only theoretical in nature, it is also pragmatic in real-life (see box "best practices" ). In this connection, a good formulation of core issues is essential.
In addition, ProVicis is regularly deployed to provide for a "QuickScan" or "Second Opinion" in command of managementboards or supervisory councils. It is often very enlightening to receive an impartial and sober judgment from an experienced outsider and to let him analyse and review the arised situation. Such reports often provide for new and unexpected insights. But it is also possible that positions are confirmed. Of course, such an analysis is carefully processed and the secrecy adequately secured by means of non-Disclosure clauses.
Further more, ProVicis is frequently used for mediation activities. The broad and current experiences of consultants and associates of ProVicis make them well suited for use on a regular basis to help find solutions to (latent) conflicts in the role of mediator. ProVicis ' customers experience it as important that a conflict mediator is daily in touch with "practice". As a result, he is capable to perform the mediation sessions in a natural way without pressure on certain directions for solution.