Whether it’s about a combination of (organizational) change, information management, culture adaptation in real estate or other spatial planning related matters, projects are rarely repeated, however the approach is generally similar and simple:


Case: Mall Management in Turkije

In 2006 Redevco Europe started an establishment in Istanbul with the purpose to also become an important retail developer/investor in Turkey. Developing of five shopping centers was started.

To efficiently manage these malls after completion, proper systems had to be arranged in harmony with the culture of Turkey, and fitting within Redevco as a whole. ProVicis ProVicis lead this process of adjustment.

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Case: NOS to one news floor

The NOS wanted to accommodate four news editor departments to be combined on one central news floor. New techniques made it possible to merge editors of radio, television, teletext and internet. This also prevented editors of different media chasing for the same issue.

ProVicis planned the spatial consequences and lead the with almost military precision organised actual movings.

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