Management of Change

Structural changes to organisations are almost always due within a relative short term.

Goal is to realise adjustments or to implement something completely new. For example the introduction of a new information system, an adjustment of workmethods, implementation of another accommodation concept etc.
One of the basic principles for succesful change is stimulation of widespread support. This will speed up progress and reduce spendings a lot.
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What ProVicis stands for:

Building 2014 down but will get better!
Published on: 20-februari-2014

The housing market in the Netherlands will decline further this year according to the EIB. But there are strong signs of recovery in 2015. At the conference of the EIB Taco Hoek turned out to be quite optimistic.

The Economic Institute for the Construction Industry (EIB) is a research-bureau for applied economic analysis. Both commissioned and conducted on its own initiative the EIB does research for industry and government. Independent and scientifically the EIB meets economic and social issues about the construction industry and the built environment.

Google takes on Facebook and Twitter with Buzz service
Published on: 11-februari-2010

Google is taking on Facebook and Twitter by launching Google Buzz, a way to share status updates, photos and web links inside its email service Gmail.

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Change- and



Consultants associated with ProVicis play an important role in directing and facilitating change. They manage complex organizational and human challenges and work with your staff to develop and align strategy for the implementation of improved structures, methods, (automated) processes and good infrastructures as well as improved relationships.
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Initiating and organizing Change

As of 1991 ProVicis has assisted a large number of well-known companies in designing and adapting (cultural) adjustments to achieve predefined goals. Not only companies in the real estate sector were regularly helped: also wholesale companies, broadcasters and even the development of an amusement park was supported. ProVicis is strong at identification of problems and designing appropriate adjustments as well as the implementations thereof. Deployment of ProVicis consultants is always temporary, often project-like and much more often intensive because of its urgent nature. On this website you'll find examples of Projects, Programs and Changes guided by our consultants.

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